For retailers: Get a competitive advantage

Monitor all of your copmpetitors in one place. Learn what they do well and not so well, and use that to your advantage.

Learn what your competitors are doing with email

  • Do they have a great SPAM reputation?
  • Do they send on specific days?
  • How does their frequency change seasonally?

Discover all this and more about your competiors with Owletter.

We've been using Owletter for two years now and it's really helped us watch what our competitors are doing and inspire us at the same time with our own email marketing

Melanie De Nervaux - Bath & Unwind

Competitor email analytics so you can beat them

  • Spot trends over time
  • See how frequency changes with seasonality
  • Spot opportunity in when to send your own emails

Every email stored forever & for your whole team to access

Stop using your own inbox to capture and store emails. You'll only delete them or bloat your inbox. Let Owletter do the hard work for you.

  • Emails are stored forever
  • The whole team can access the captured emails
  • See what your competitors did last year, or the year before
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